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Oi! From Brazil

2011-06-08 22:00:22 by AccountableMasses

Just got to Brazil this week and what a place.

Rio is huge! Since it is my first time to another Non english country, been spending most of my time learning how to talk to others. And it is a chore!

Check it out on my blog on for more details. is now open for business!

2011-05-23 15:17:59 by AccountableMasses

Hey there,

Finally gotten Inner Idiot up and running!

Currently it is just a blog, but plan to have it turn into a very interactive, ever changing, user-based website that you could mess with !

Just think, and newgrounds rolled into one. Add the ability to add whatever you want to it and viola! you got an ever-changing, web collaboration all found on one site...

Inner Idiot.Com
Mess with it!
Yeah don't know a deal or two about web building but somehow will make one.... anyway... until then... just leave a message in the shout box...

Spiked Dance

2010-11-27 13:37:06 by AccountableMasses

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Script for Flash

2010-10-11 14:18:25 by AccountableMasses

Made a script about a guy learning he has telepathic abilites to see people naked at the most akward and inpproperate times you could imagine. Putting up here before it gets lost or something like that..

Here's the script.

scene starts a the quickie mart.

guys checking people in and waiting line to pay.

guy then notices woman without any clothes for a few seconds.

woman notices this and ask what's with him. says he saw her without clothes on.

woman slaps him and then whines about men being pigs, blah blah blah, leave store then see her without
clothes again and see have a something like bubba's property, satan's little helper, and don't touch on her butt.

then some man comes to the counter, puts a case of beer on the counter. looks at the guy and says 'what you looking at cracker?'

guy looks disturbed eyes moving up and down, end scene.

Feel free to use this. Just let me know if you do...

On a Journey's End...

2010-10-06 10:47:31 by AccountableMasses

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Found out that a contest at the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago IL is holding a contest to win ten thousand US dollars and a month's stay at the museum.

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Sent in the entry today. Hopefully will know by the end of the month.

Finally got myself a drum set from the local drum depot here in town.

Should be uploading samples of this soon as possible.

Vegas Days

2010-06-10 21:13:46 by AccountableMasses

Spent some time in Vegas for the last few days. Had alot fun playing my saxophone and talking to people around downtown and on the strip. Really encouraging to hear all the input that people gave me while I was there.